November 27, 2007

eleven weeks.

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i'm still alive. i promise. not very lifelike, but alive. i haven't blogged for that reason. and the fact that movable type is still keeping me from updating like a normal person. i don't get it. i can't update with firefox, but i can update with safari--at home. safari at work acts like firefox. and today? my safari at home won't launch.

so. i'm blogging from flickr today, with a nice photo of my belly. my bump is moving up, and yet i keep getting thinner. must be my diet of vitamins and toast. (i've had a rough few days, and have been in bed since saturday evening.)

"they" promise me that there is hope around the corner for my plight. i am about to enter the 2nd trimester, where discomfort shifts from constant nausea to the inability to comfortably sleep. that sounds lovely! take me to the promised land!

note on the photo: hairy pits. i decided to let my pit-hair grow freely last year in order to bring on a cold front. it worked. this year, i've done the same, and, what can i say? i've done it again. i also brought rain. to georgia. once again: you're welcome.

i think it may be time for some toast. and maybe, just egg.
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