July 17, 2004


it seems as though trogdor has struck again, burninating my body. my bananie arse and shoulders are an unsightly shade of burgundy today, and i reek of unscented aloe-vera, which, incidentally, smells like vitamins. orange flintstones vitamins.

yeah. so. i spent the early afternoon blowing up my new $1.88 heb bright green raft so as to enjoy the mild, er ridiculously hot austin saturday in the pool. my plan was to lounge about for 20 minutes or so, taking in rays, contemplating the clouds. et cetera. however, my new neighbors were also enjoying the complex's pool, and they're all the talkative type. there's veronica and pam, the peroxide blond unrelated twins. they enjoy redbull, cigarettes, and neighborly gossip. and then there's allen, the resident schizophrenic, who apparently has a history of stalking women and is not allowed to initiate conversations with the fairer sex anymore. we just nodded at each other. and i can't forget ray, my new bilingual friend, who loves plants and starbucks coffee. he spent a sunburning hour telling me in great deal about his need for "the buzz" in his starbucks experience. i, in turn, recommended which coffees can offer him the buzz, wholebean.

how could one not lose track of time when engrossed in such conversation?


so now it is dusk, and though the trees across the parking lot are swaying in some undoubtedly cool, relieving breeze, the air over here on the patio is stifling. thick like unscented aloe vera.

ray just stopped by to sample some italian roast coffee and randomly said, in no context whatsoever, "if it smells like fish, it ain't fresh". thanks for the tip, ray. "i'll remember that one," i said, as he walked away.

these are my people now, apparently.

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July 15, 2004

and why i love austin:

i've already sat, working (really marlei, the bio will be done shortly...) at two coffeeshops. i had to get out of the house. i find myself pacing and not able to sit still long enough to write a paragraph. i'm making tino nervous. so i went to bouldin creek and drank two raspberry cream sodas. but i could only get wifi connection outside and seeing as it's 95 degrees and humid, i got all sweaty and lethargic, tempted to lie down on the floor and pant. (the dog is rubbing off.)

so now i'm sitting at the hideout, sipping on a lonestar while sitting by the window in the corner. i like it. a lot.

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the south.

how it all changes, geographically and everywhere else.

i'm not exactly sure where the month of july has gone, but i think it got lost somewhere between nashville and texas, probably in arkansas. or. perhaps it melted in the venti nonfat one sweet n low with whip 180 degree white mocha i make for the creepy guy in the starbucks drivethru. in any case, the month is half over and i have yet to write about all things bananie and change.

well. i am in texas these days, spending a month in austin, to see if i like it enough to make a possible permanent relocation. if there are any tips to be given thus far, it is this: try not to travel by car with a turtle. tino was very much the escape artist, especially throughout our drive through arkansas. i let him wander the dashboard awhile, and he watched out the windshield a world moving faster than most turtles will ever imagine possible. he is enlightened. currently, he is meditating on the rock i brought him from walden.

i apologize for my recent reticence on the subject of pets. i'm still sad about selling my beloved horse last year (albeit to my wonderful sister), and myrtle, my other turtle died recently. she suffered from respiratory problems, and though i tried nursing her back to health, she ended up belly-up in her turtle tank. tino and i have passed through our month of mourning, however, and now we are embracing allthingsnew in austin.

in the midst of turtle grief, i fell in love with a dog. i've never been a dog girl. they're nice. i enjoy their company, but i have never really bonded with one. well. i met a rescue girl on the day of myrtle's death: a two year old american eskimo/australian shepherd mix. she adopted me immediately. i'm not sure why i became her girl, but i did, and we have been inseparable since. the only catch, of course, is that i am now three states away, and, in nashville, i live in a dog-free home. so. much must change in my life in order to build a home with "my dog", whom i have named charley.

i never take the easy, conventional way with anything. charley's foster mom, my new friend anna, says that she won't adopt her out to anyone but me, and will keep her as long as it takes. in the meantime, i have unlimited visitation rights (while in nashville, of course) and charley and i have spent days and days together, frollicking about, everywhere from the dogpark to coffee shops. she is joy and wonder to me. she reminds me what it means to be alive: just hang your head out the window and sniff the air, girl. it is good.

here is a picture of us running around the franklin dogpark last week:


and here she is in her all her charley glory:


so this is is the new chapter in my life: question marks about where home will be. question marks about when/how charley and i will be mum and pup. question marks about what to call this chapter at all.

but here i am, hanging my head out the window.

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