February 26, 2006

in other news.

sunday night. i'm meant to be finishing kris delmhorst's bio, but i had to share this information with my people: i got hired on permanently.

this news flies way past simple good news. it is the freeing of the proverbial albatross.
no more beginning each day with its first thought of "will i be let go today?"

i'm breathing.
i'm breathing.

i am thankful. beyond thankful.

relief. stability. my own benefits. self-suffiency after too long a time without.
here i am, apple. use me well.

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February 11, 2006


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so i was just sitting at work, doing my thing. drinking coffee and watching the clock tick down to 5:30, when amber reminded me that my long lost nichole is in austin tonight, doing her thang.

nichole and i are terrible communicators, but i left her a message and she got right back. in less than an hour, for the first time in ages, i'll step foot into a baptist church, and watch her play. and then it's a quick dinner before i drop her back off at her tourbus.

i am ridiculously grateful for the chance to see my friend, to be in the presence of one who has walked through the valley with me.

more later!
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February 7, 2006

photo of the day: chloe the biped.

exhibit A
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can your cat do this?

i didn't think so.
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February 3, 2006

wish me luck...

in a half hour, i will interview for a permanent position with apple. [read: i will interview to keep my current job in a non-contractor kind of way.] to prepare, i have worn the same outfit helen wore last week for her meeting with the lawyer. she thought she was coming for depositions to be taken by witnesses to her accident, and representatives of the city, but no. her lawyer (aka uncle mark, as we like to call him) gave her the news that the city wants to settle out of court. so, we went out to lunch instead of hanging out in an office all day.

this is the kind of news i'd like to hear; hence, the skirt.

i'm wearing flipflops too, so as to be business-impressive, but not intimidating. i'm approachable, comfortable. stylish, but able to relate to the peoples.

hopefully, my interviewers will have mercy on me, and give me a nice little job. so. wish me luck...

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February 1, 2006

happy birthday, mom...

like mama, like bananie.
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for posterity--and lack of creativity--i am digging into the archives to tell the story of my mom, the groundhog. i am blessed to have had the opportunity to throw my arms around her this year, kiss her cheek, and tell her face to face: happy birthday. i love you...

my mother saw her shadow.
february 2. my mother's birthday.

and i'm the baby daughter, age 24, 600 miles away from gift opening, candle-blowing, happy birthdays. distance is staggering on landmark days. but. it's alright. we talked on the phone. i am fully briefed on gifts received. how she spent the day.

and in these financially lean days, i don't have much to offer. in my head, i'm sending the best flowers, finding the most thoughtful gifts, flying up to her and sharing her cake.

but all i've got are phonecalls and words.

so. hello mom. i'm thinking of you.

today was unseasonable. seventy degrees and partly cloudy. breezy like spring. as i walked from the church to my car at noon, the air smelled incredibly urban, like concrete and dirt and dead leaves. it smelled like akron, ohio in october, when mom and i used to take the greyhound to visit grandma for my birthday. we would have layovers in cleveland, where i would play makeshift hopskotch on the dingy yellow and white checkered floors. i remember walking uphill under tall buildings to eat at a small diner-ish restaurant. i was so small then. my memories are snapshots: eskimo pies out of vending machines. personal tvs on the arms of black plastic chairs for soap-opera watching. the excitement of travel and anonymity and a long, wide-open road that would take me to my grandmother. take me to my birthday. take me away from everything but my mother; i had her to myself. we shared a bed.

we walked to the bus stop one day when i was 10. i was in a stone-kicking phase, always wondering how long i could kick a certain stone, before i lost it to a lawn or road or boredom. how far i could kick it from its natural element. mom obliged my game, and we kicked an akron stone along for a good twenty minutes like a team. we were focused, determined.

mom kept the stone, she told me recently. she put it (in all its nondescript greyness) in her purse that day and has put it in every new purse since.

stones like altars.
an altar called remember. ebenezer.
i remember.

i remember the uncomplicated love i felt for a mother who would play with me, who would make sacred the celebration of my birth by pulling me out of my dailyness and bringing me into her world of mother and daughter, as we stayed in her childhood home with her mother.

i remember safety. security and goodnight prayers. mom's steady breathing as she slept next to me in the small bed. i stole the blankets.
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