April 18, 2006

fun with scanner

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come on over to flickr for some archive fun. if you've ever wondered what i look like with a spiral perm, here's your chance...
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April 15, 2006

twas the night before easter...

twas the night before easter
and all through the house
all the creatures were stirring--
except bananie.

one more hour to easter here in texas, and out on the porch, helen and martini joe and chris--taiwanese chef extraordinaire--are trading stories. history, immigration, anecdotes; all poured like wine from the spigot. (yeah, we bought the boxed kind from target. surprisingly good!)

i'm lying in bed, but only because i'm exhausted from the end of my workweek, as well as the wine. but the stories are wafting through the open windows, and my friends, my texas family, are all giggling.

and tomorrow morning, our new friends brockett and vanessa, as well as joey, are all coming over for an easter breakfast before we head off to church together. isn't that lovely? isn't that a miracle? this little community is my heartbeat, and i cannot think of any better way to celebrate christ's resurrection than to bask in its company.

as i fall asleep now, i must repeat: thank you thank you.

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