November 11, 2006

milestones, chapter one.

ooo, cold front.
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1. i decided yesterday to let my armpit fro grow for the winter. i predicted cold weather if i stopped shaving.

last night, while i was sitting on the porch, and two days since i'd last shaved my pits, a cold front blew through, dropping the temperature at least twenty degrees.


2. vanessa just got a new camera, and so she'll be photographing my hottening bod, but for now, i have lost between five and seven pounds, depending on the scale.

3. my ass jeans fit once again. they have been hanging sadly in the closet, along with the other clothes from my skinnier past, for at least three months. as of yesterday, i can button and zip them without risking bodily damage, such as the collapse of my uterus.

4. despite a few setbacks this week, including (but not limited to) fish n chips, beers, and a couple more beers, as well as being too effing tired to work out yesterday, i have not quit this endeavor. and i am getting stronger. watch out!
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Thanks for this, just what I needed to go brave the cold today. If only I had read it at 7:30 I'd have gotten to ride instead of run.

Posted by: ych at November 11, 2006 11:50 PM
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