March 30, 2007


perhaps my favorite shot of lucy ever.
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here's a little levity. these are my prints from the dark room the other day.

for the photo geeks. these were taken with my toy camera: orbit 360f.
5x7 print, 20 second exposure. :)

here's the whole pack:

the pack.

i really like these snaps. totally captures the dynamic of our pups in the yard.
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green friday.

rainy today. storms a'brewin. sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee and the thing i am trying to quit. missing jude. really not wanting to go to work. attempting to deal with real world, mature disappointment like an adult.

it's a difficult friday.
perspective perspective.

and not much more to say than that.

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March 27, 2007

nic-ing, take two.

so. i spoke too soon.

the withdrawals have hit head on. insane nausea and shakes. i strapped on a patch and helen gave me a damp cloth for my head. after a nap, lots of deep breaths, and two hours to let the nicotine seep into my body, i feel relief.

holy shit.
this sucks.

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i'm sorry.

loads and loads of things happening in my little world, but none (yet) that i can mention here. preoccupation with said things have kept me from having anything worthwhile to post.

today is a day off, and it's very very spring outside. sneezy green and beautiful. we've had rain and more rain, and the grey winter world is gone. bamboo has also taken over our yard. see? do you really want to hear these things?

i am missing jude tremendously. she's in nashville now, and even though i had her here for nearly two weeks, i was still very tempted to sabotage her attempts to fly out of austin. in the end, i was merciful, and now i am sure she is snuggling with one of sarah's little ones.

did i mention that today is a day off? helen is at school. the dogs are outside. the neighbor is blasting his favorite tejano. and the roosters are crowing down the street. a perfect day to stay in bed for a long time.
in fact, i plan on staying put for another two hours. and then it's off to the dark room for the first time in two weeks! i still get nervous every time i develop a roll of film. did i waste it on completely crap photos? will i have anything worthwhile to print? will my teacher laugh at me?

non sequitur: i am afraid to say this out loud, but i have quit smoking.
it's been a slow process. no patches or gum (yet). i smoked my last security cigs yesterday, after a week of having a few on hand, just in case the withdrawals got too bad. i've averaged 2-5 a day for the past week. and now i'm done.

...and struggling.

i have my reasons for quitting now. but one of those reasons was not because i was fed up with cigarettes. i love smoking. i love the taste and smell of cigarettes. i love smoky bars. coffee and nicotine? perfect combination. oh man, i'm getting nostalgic. shit.

i miss it already. i chew orbit gum until my jaw clicks. i think about buying a new pack of smokes every five minutes.
but i'm done. nic-ing, sad, and done.

please let this get easier.


pee ess: here is a photo of the world's most adorable clem. kevin describes him as "part dachshund, part build-a-bear". exactly.

prince charming sits still a moment.

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March 13, 2007

life on the farm.

judo chop.
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well. here it is: an official update from bananieworld.

life has gotten in the way of writing and picturing lately. by "life" i mean "gunther". gunnie got sick again a couple weeks ago, and after two trips to the emergency vet and an internist, his diagnosis is still unclear. the internist seems to believe he has a condition called pituitary dwarfism, which basically means everything about the little man is stunted, including his life expectancy.

while he was on two antibiotics, gunnie became deniro in the movie awakenings. for a brief week, he woke up and became a cat. he ate and ate and ate, and his belly grew. he purred and meowed and played and cuddled. and then he finished his round of meds, and he's falling back asleep. dwindling appetite. lethargy. overgrooming to the point of having a bald belly. we are dealing with the reality that he may have FIP, for which he is exhibiting all the symptoms. our time with him may be shorter than we thought.

so there's that.

meanwhile, we have made a conscious effort to step back and enjoy our days. we spent a day at hippie hollow last week, basking like naked seals on rocks. in march.

the dogs are happy and healthy and rowdy. i've captured a lot of digital and film snaps of their antics, and have spent hours in the darkroom making prints. i love learning how to develop and print film. a brand new joy.

speaking of joy, jude! is here!! i've never been so thankful for the bbc in my life. they've sent her here for sxsw, and this means i get to have my dear friend in my daily life for nearly two weeks. i am confident that there will be many stories to tell, along with incriminating companion photos.

and now. time to start the day. more soon.
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March 1, 2007

a vote for me is a vote for humanity.


please and thank you.
a proper blog entry is coming up.
much to talk about. i hope you'll join me.

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