May 25, 2007

proud to present: an entry!

hi there. i am writing an entry today. really.

it's a relatively quiet morning here at paradise, the house. the rain has stopped momentarily, leaving behind a dense, humid scent of grass and honeysuckle. the garbagemen actually took all of our trash and recycling today. my allergies are held at bay by the good makers of rhinocort. and i don't have to leave for work for another hour. not a bad morning.

helen is at the vet with moe, who has developed a smoker's cough. even though he's hocking loogies the size of hockey pucks, we need to rule out heart worms. he is probably just as allergic to cottonwood as i am. [update: moe has kennel cough, though he's been nowhere near a kennel. probably the gd bad dogs behind us. and so he is on antibiotics. lucky dog gets vicodin for his cough...]

so. cottonwood. cottonwood is the bane of my existence here on the east side of austin. nowhere else in town have i noticed the constant blizzard of fluff, but our neighborhood is erie, pa in january. our front porch appears to be decked out for halloween already, with cobwebs of the stuff everywhere. i hate cottonwood.

meanwhile. charley and clem are barking at hector and his grandson. hector is our nextdoor neighbor who pretends to not understand english so he doesn't have to talk to us. we know he can speak it. i've heard him talking to the mailman.

hector is quiet most of the time. when we moved in, he would play great old tejano music on sundays, which we thought added local color. we enjoyed it. we told him so. and then he stopped playing it.

his grandson is about 9, a seemingly good kid, except for his habit of playing with a bb gun in the front yard. he likes to shoot at our roof. helen is convinced he is shooting at our cats. all i know is that i had to yell at him one day from the porch, as i was sitting here with a cigarette, and a stray bb whizzed over my head.

last week, hector-and-grandson began a home improvement project. they are building something in the backyard. a shed? a treehouse? an ammunition closet for bbs? i don't know. all i know is that the weather has been lovely here recently, and so we've slept with the windows open. on day one of hector's project, he decided that it would be a good idea to reintroduce the tejano. only, why bother with pesky cd's when austin has its very own tejano station? early that morning, he began to blast local programming of ¡la ley!

shock jock talk radio en español--complete with laughtrack--woke us up with a start and a hearty wtf?

the hammering and sawing and random thumps were tolerable. ¡la ley! was not.

by this past weekend, ¡la ley! was playing from morning until dusk, nonstop, loudly. i have learned that tejano top 40 follows a similar format to american: bad, bad songs played several times an hour. i have had synthesized accordion music in my head for a week.

we bought a tent on saturday. this weekend, helen and i are going camping in east west texas, near marfa, for our four year anniversary (which happens to be today). we set it up in the backyard to water seal it, and to make sure we had all the right parts. play in our new tent!

with ¡la ley! as soundtrack, we set up our quickpitch tent with ease--did i mention it's 10x12'?

obviously, all the tent activity drew the attention of the grandson, who had access to a ladder. he sneaked peeks at us from over the privacy fence...while wearing binoculars. his obvious presence drove the dogs CRAZY. the barked and snarled and barked and barked. grandson was a big squirrel to them. loud barking. loud tejano. boy with binoculars staring at barking dogs and lesbians pitching a tent. such a peaceful afternoon.

of course, we decided to try camping in our back yard that night. we had to make sure the tent would be big enough for two girls and four dogs, right? (even though the dogs are staying behind this weekend...)

we thoroughly confused the dogs by making them get in this "house" in the middle of their yard. and then we made them stay. they caught on soon enough, though, and curled up on our sleepingbags.

all was peaceful for nearly five minutes. have i mentioned that our house is on the airport's flightpath? i had no idea so many planes came in at midnight on saturdays. but there they were, low and loud, blinking lights clearly visible through the top of our mammoth tent. our quiet street is also remarkably busy with saturday night activity. screeching cars. motorcycle races. random yells. barking dogs. yowling cats.

it was all too much for moe. he got up to pace and bark every 30 seconds. we lasted exactly one hour in our tent before packing up and going to bed.

i am happy to report that ¡la ley! is quiet today. i can hear it if i strain. i think someone complained to the popo. it wasn't us. we promise.

it's nice to hear the roosters again.

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May 17, 2007

new favorite website.

look who has His own blog!

thanks to natalie for showing me what's what!

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May 12, 2007

no really. i'm still here.

if you're still reading, i apologize for a blank bananie blog.

i'm still recovering from our trip to chicago.
i haven't had a word worth writing come thru my tired brain.

i will give a proper update soon, with wedding photos and anecdotes, if i still have a memory.
for now: happy mother's day to all the beautiful moms in my life. i wish you all foot massages and naps.

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