June 20, 2007

opening up the dialogue.

hello friends. i've been having a comments discussion with a (new?) reader named brian. i would like to open up the topic to everyone.

it began with his opinion about my feelings toward james dobson, as i used him in the title of yesterday's tongue in cheek post.

comment away, please.

the discussion thus far:

James Dobson isn't making all this stuff up, he's an accomplished psychologist who lives by the Bible. Satan is the father of all lies, fortunately there are people in this world who realize this. Posted by Brian at June 20, 2007 01:40 PM

actually, he is a deluded tool, who is an oppressor and an embarrassing representation of christ.

but thanks for the opinion!!
Posted by bananie at June 20, 2007 03:42 PM

do you know the man personally? If you don't want to be judged yourself, than surely you shouldn't judge others such as James Dobson. Why don't you attack the Muslim religion? they openly beat homosexuals to death, yet I don't see anyone in the gay community taking aim at them. You attack Christianity because we don't bite back. We attempt to turn the other cheek. Posted by brian at June 20, 2007 07:51 PM

i'm afraid that i'm engaging a troll here, but i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. if you must go with the generalizations, here you go.

i speak about dobson from everything i've ever heard him say or write. my disdain for what he represents is not limited to him (of fotf) alone. anyone who oppresses is wrong. period. muslim. christian. whoever.

i did not attack christianity. i highly disagree with the damaging theology of one of its most popular voices in the media. i am a christian.
feel free to judge that.
Posted by bananie at June 20, 2007 08:14 PM

Posted by bananie at June 20, 2007 8:13 PM |

Firstly, I thought your picture of the cat-dog relationship was pure beauty!

Lastly, James Dobson scares me, I don't care to what religion he subscribes.

Posted by: Amy D. at June 20, 2007 9:52 PM

Hey Annie,

Even in the 3-D world, it seems nearly impossible to reasonably discuss such issues with people whose opinions are so deeply ingrained. (That sentence was much too convoluted.) But you know that as well as I do. I just imagine that it feels very personal when the discussion is happening on your own little, corner-of-the-universe blog.

Brian is probably a wonderful, interesting, dedicated man. And (as we all are) I bet he's much more complex than his opinions belie. But I sure wouldn't engage in discussion with him, because I so highly value my peace of mind. Hey, I value YOUR peace of mind, too!

Posted by: Lisa C. at June 21, 2007 8:52 AM

I think that the judgement validity comes in from being raised christian, really believing, and then being overwhelmingly disappointed in christianity. This is the case for me. I do not know who Dobson is as I am about 10 years removed from the fold. I would have the same judgement had my experience been muslim, juwish or whatever.

These days, I find buddhist philosophy much more appealing than any other spiritual path.

Posted by: maxine at June 21, 2007 8:14 PM

hey maxine, james dobson is the founder of focus on the family.

here is an introduction.

thanks for contributing :)

Posted by: bananie at June 21, 2007 8:19 PM

Thanks for calling me a troll. Obviously I won't change your point of view or beliefs and vice versa. But I find it incomprehensable how any one could call out James Dobson, someone who has dedicated his life to children, families, mothers. People who have been abused, divorced, traumatized, and are just plain struggling. I'm sure there are countless others that disagree with you, you try to justify a lifestyle that is not compatible with the Bible. I won't comment here again, back to the Focus on the Family web page it is.

Posted by: Brian at June 22, 2007 7:31 PM

i apologize for calling you a troll. for the record, i said that i was afraid i was engaging a troll. if you are truly here for conversation, i apologize.

i am not out to judge james dobson the man. i do--and will continue to--judge the abuse, trauma, and struggle his organization continues to cause for those who do not subscribe to his interpretation of what marriage is and is not.

i'm sorry to see you go if you're really interested in talking.
if you're gone, you've left with a bang.

i'm assuming you meant the fact that i'm in a gay relationship when you said i'm trying to justify a lifestyle not compatible with the bible. i could not disagree with you more.

Posted by: bananie at June 22, 2007 7:42 PM

If I give food and water to my ailing neighbor and then write a letter to the rest of my community telling them what a disgrace my ailing neighbor is to the community for living a poor example of a life, have I still done a good thing according the Christian right?

The Bible does not call us to love only our Christian neighbors. The Bible does not ask us to disavow our Christian neighbors who live imperfectly (whether in God's eyes or human eyes). And The Bible does not tell us to care for the fatherless and the widow... just as long as he/she is pure by human judgment.

It does in fact tell us to "Love your neighbor as yourself," and to "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

Posted by: Amy D. at June 23, 2007 2:15 PM

to Amy D: tell it, sister!

Posted by: Jill at June 28, 2007 10:19 PM

I'm shocked.

I doff my cap to you, madam.

I, too, am a Christian. I am not so deluded into believing all I do is right, and I don't believe that atonement is attainable by any human, no matter how "righteous". I believe in God, but not the Bible... and if anyone cares to hop on that- you can go right ahead. To be honest: I really don't give a damn what anyone thinks of me, so hash away!

This will be the second comment I have ever left. No, I am not a troll. Simply put, I am a lover of good writing, and Bananie- yours is soothing to my (sometimes overly critical) obsessive compulsive nature.

Getting back to the subject at hand though, I believe that James Dobson has grown a little too big for his britches, so to speak. Man, that was a painful reminder of why I hate cliches. The man has dilluded himself into believing that he is a "righteous" man. I said it earlier, but I'll be blatant here: No Man Is Capable Of Righteousness. Period.

Posted by: Charleigh at July 1, 2007 12:19 AM
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