August 18, 2007

a journey in photos.

still sitting here with an absence of words other than "um", so here are some of my favorite photos from my time in erie. i can't say enough what a joy--what a relief--it was to see my nieces and nephew altogether for the first time in years. thankfully, they all still love the camera, with the exception of alyssa, but she's fifteen, so. she hid.

and to think he used to be afraid of water.
bob the diver.

alaina my sweetheart.
alaina, who is on the exact precipice of child and teenager. she is gorgeous.

kristin the ham.

elizabeth the ham.

fambly portrait.
four sisters. (i am a tigress.)

alyssa the gorgeous.
alyssa the gorgeous.

the only photo my mother allowed me to take.

bobby, my son nephew.

and finally, tom & jean. he is my cousin, mh's son.
i love them so.

Posted by bananie at August 18, 2007 3:18 PM |

beautiful shots of beautiful humans.....had dinner with lawson and jude last week.....we need to get you and helen to Gb!

Posted by: Paul at August 21, 2007 9:21 AM
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