August 28, 2007

happy and sad together.

enjoying a night in my favorite chair. over the rhine's trumpet child is spinning on the record player, while a four hour coil of incense burns on the mantle. greg and helen are braving ikea to purchase a new loveseat for our livingroom, and i just gave a kitten away.

you may remember that we rescued two kittens last month. and then we rescued another two. greg took one, and we decided a little while ago to keep little sal and (much bigger) phineas. chavez is the biggest and healthiest of the bunch, so we figured we'd have no problem finding him a home. i was prepared to say goodbye on sunday, after a nice girl fell in love with him. she backed out at the last minute, however; the pet deposit at her new apartment was too expensive. and so goodbye turned into two more days of cha cha romping with clem and the other kittens.

(i took pictures.)

this evening, a happy couple stopped by to meet chavez. they've got 3 cats already, big, well-loved cats, and cha cha was relaxed in their arms. fifteen minutes later, they left with him wrapped in a pink towel.

i am so excited for chavez and his surely happy future. but i will miss the pot-bellied, crosseyed kitten who snuggles against my belly at night. i hope that sal and phineas bond like brothers (they are cousins) and terrorize the house together. i know we are crazy to keep two kittens, but we would have kept the fambly together with all three if we possibly could.

and so i raise my glass to chavez "cha cha" garcia, our little luchador. long may he reign.

Chavez. camera ready. curious.
Posted by bananie at August 28, 2007 6:43 PM |

Bwahahahahaha....I knew it! I'd have been very suprised and a little disapointed if you hadn't ended up with at least one.

Posted by: ych at August 29, 2007 6:25 AM

actually, mch, we are saving both of them for you. please make sure to be home to sign for a package today. i'd hate for fedex to leave the box, what with the weather and all.

Posted by: bananie at August 29, 2007 9:02 AM

I saw OTR at 3rd and Lindsley last night...oh, what a fine evening it was! I've been a fan ever since you mentioned them on your blog several years back and I checked em out. Can't thank you enough for the intro. I'm definitely an OTR junkie for life! Hope you get to see em when they're in your area =)

Posted by: Jill at September 3, 2007 4:02 PM
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